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LEDs NZ Online offers numerous LED lighting products even the products that are hard to find. We will hunt down your requirements including uncommon items as it always keeps us fresh and enthusiastic since we love a challenge!


If you are looking foLED Lights for your own space or for creating individual exclusive atmosphere specific to your style and taste, we can cater for all with high quality-guaranteed products. With the best LED lighting solutions and premium customer service for our clients. We have several categories of LED lights such as bulbs, ceiling lights, par lamps, spot lights and flood lights, so these are your options!


We can assist you in creating your ideal atmosphere by choosing the perfect LED light color temperature and the right products for your needs. You can first search for products in our online catalogue which we provided about 50% of our product range but if you can’t find the item you want here, then you can email us with details and we will try our hardest to cater for your order, just give us a go!

As an added bonus, you will earn 10% discount off your purchase when you buy a gift certificate worth over NZ$50.


If you would like further advice, please email us with any questions at ledsnzonline@gmail.com